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About the Bond

About the Bond

Now, more than ever our students need options for post-secondary education and job training.We must foster an education system with multiple opportunities for high school career training as well as post-secondary education. 

A Yes vote for the West-MEC bond will help expand career and technical education opportunities throughout the region and help give the students the skills they need to get a job to compete in the global market place. To learn more about what the bond will pay for and why a Yes vote is critical, use the links below.

• What does it pay for?
• Why vote Yes?

100% of bond funds will be used to support students.

  • Career and technical education is one of the best values in education.  It is included as part of the student's public school education, so it is provided as part of their school day essentially training them for a career before they graduate high school.  Even college bound students can save the state and their families’ money, because they have gone through this program while still in high school.
  • West-MEC has kept their promises to build premier regional education centers as well as expand their offerings in adult education.  They have delivered on their previous bond projects since 2012 with fiscal responsibility while building regional facilities that benefit our community and improve our quality of life.
  • West-MEC is on the leading edge of utilizing innovative tools and equipment to prepare students with the real-world experience they need for high-skill, high-demand, and high-wage careers. Click here to read more

We need a trained and skilled workforce.

  • Technical education remains critical to our long-term economic development. Just like apprenticeships in the past, technical education provides the educated and trained workforce for companies to hire. Arizona's long term economic success and competitiveness are directly tied to our ability to educate our workforce. Click here to read more
Calculate the tax for your family.

Your contribution to West-MEC bond is based on your assessed home valuation. Click here to look up your "Full Cash Value" (FCV) from the Maricopa County Assessor's website and enter it in the field below.

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